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What is the future for the red meat industry?

21st May 2020

If Covid 19 has taught us anything – it is not take anything for granted!

Mike Whittemore head of Food & Butchery at CMT looks to the future and is positive about how the industry will shape up in the medium to long term.

The meat industry has always been a good career choice (I would say that wouldn’t I!). It has so many different aspects: processing, retailing, catering, wholesaling, trading, buying, operations and marketing. Whichever route you choose, the ability to progress can be meteoric – that is the positive thing about the industry!

There’s never been a better time to enter the trade at apprenticeship level!

The standard butcher level has retail and processing standards and takes a really comprehensive approach across the training modules employed. We at CMT pride ourselves in delivering the very highest quality apprenticeships and are rightly proud of the reputation we have in the industry as market leaders. The Level 3 Advanced standard again is offered in retail and processing. This gives a superb platform for those to aspire to management level and covers key modules such as Meat Science, Management Techniques and advanced butchery methods. The retail sector is experiencing growth at this moment especially the independent butchery sector – it’s truly a great time to be butcher!

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