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Kevin Meades: semi-retirement from Crosby Butchery Training & CMT

11th July 2018

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Kevin and his wife Hayley have been planning for some time to make changes so that they can spend time with their growing family and travel extensively; both great passions of theirs.

They now feel the time is right for Kevin to semi-retire as trying to balance a full-time job with these plans would be impossible.

From 31st August Kevin will therefore relinquish his role as Head of Butchery with CBT/CMT and Paul Cadman will lead the excellent Butchery & Food team in the meantime.  Kevin will continue with CMT/CBT as a consultant as he’s keen to be part of CBT’s continued success but he’ll have a reduced presence.  Kevin and Paul have built a very capable Butchery & Food team that continues to set the highest standards for training in the industry.  CBT has recently commenced delivery of the new Abattoir and Food apprenticeship standards in addition to both Butchery Standards.

I’m sure everyone will wish Kevin well for the future and join me in thanking him for playing a leading role in establishing CBT as the IoM/WCB best Butchery provider for the last two years.