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Farm to Fork – Vocational Field Trip

21st November 2017

This was one learner comment about Crosby Butchery Training’s vocational Field Trip which was held on the 15th August 2017. The day started bright and early at Westwood’s Abattoir, Burntwood. Our Butchery Team accompanied 13 level 2 & 3 apprentices to the abattoir which allowed the apprentices to see the slaughtering process. The trip also incorporated a visit to Chase Farm Shop to see the farming process. The day allowed the apprentices to gain real knowledge of the farm to fork process, which will serve them well as they progress on the Butchery Apprenticeships.

The opportunity to visit a slaughterhouse and see the processes involved was an excellent and unique opportunity for the apprentices, and one which all of the apprentices made the most of.
Employers of the apprentices who attended the day have praised the field trip and the impact that it has had on the apprentices. Tom Calnan, from Calnan Brothers, said: ‘The boys had a great day out and enjoyed every minute of it. They said they enjoyed the abattoir, seeing other shops and of course their sirloin steak dinner! If there are any other trips, please let me know as it would be good to get them involved again.
We look forward to the next event vocational field trip! Please email for more information about future days scheduled or for information about our renowned Apprentice Residential’s.

Kevin Meades, Head of Butchery, said about the day ‘ It was a fantastic opportunity for our apprentices to gain experience in different environments, see the farm and slaughtering processes and also build up a network with fellow apprentices within the industry. These field trips add substance to the Apprenticeship courses that we offer and we believe that the best way for our apprentices to learn is to provide a mixed form of learning which mixes practical experiences with essential knowledge.

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