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CMT facilitates industry think-tank

21st May 2020

During these challenging times, Crosby have again been leading the way the delivery of apprenticeship standards, by supporting our End Point Assessor Organisations to seek flexibilities in some of these standards. Our lead butchery trainers, Tara Davies and Chris Riley, developed and presented a way to carry out practical butchery assessments remotely, leading to great results!

A critical meeting on Thursday 7th May 2020 was hosted and chaired by Mike Whittemore, Head of Food & Butchery at Crosby, and involved the proposal and demonstration of remote EPAs for the Apprentice Butcher Standard. The meeting was attended by the Worshipful Company of Butchers, Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education, National Association of Craft Butchers and two of the End Point Assessment Organisations for the standard: Occupational Awards Limited & FDQ.

Whilst demonstrating his own butchery skills, Chris performed a Mock EPA using a lamb shoulder through an online video sharing platform. This was also demonstrated in an offline setting to cater for all apprentices, whilst complying with the rules and instructions needed in an ordinary ‘EPA setting’ as outlined in the Butchery Standard Assessment Plan.

The innovative minds of Crosby colleagues combined with the support of all other stakeholders, means the Butchery End Point Assessments can continue during the pandemic whilst creating alternative EPA methods longer-term.

The video demonstration from our Butcher Trainer Chris Riley, can be seen below:

Following the constructive talks with the relevant stakeholders, Chris said ‘This is a great opportunity for the future of craft skills apprenticeships for remote Assessment. This also keeps momentum within the apprenticeship and eliminates the possibility of disengagement. I am very pleased with the outcome of this development and I look forward to seeing it in action’.

Chief Executive Paul Cadman also commented ‘One of the most rewarding aspects of apprenticeships is how they bring together lots of industry players and the Government to provide solutions for the common good of the industry and apprentices. This is a wonderful example of that collaboration in action.’