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CMT adopting new technology to deliver the new-normal

21st May 2020

CMT’s Food and Butchery team have been busy utilising new remote working platforms for their butchery apprentices. The team have been active in utilising Microsoft Teams and Zoom remote platforms to train the theoretical elements of the apprenticeship.

We have been active with all our apprentices setting them various work programmes including mandatory qualifications such as Health & Safety and Food Safety.

Work is in hand to bring the practical elements of the apprenticeship to this new way of working especially designed for the End point Assessment.

Tara Davies CMT’s butchery trainer commented ‘Adapting to the new way of training has been quite seamless and easy. It is a great way to interact with learners and it’s great not to have time restrictions a we are able to be more flexible with session times. I have personally found it easy to get into the swing of things in an effective and way of delivering workshops via Zoom. A great tool I have also been using is VideoAsk and that has had a good response so far, in terms of setting up group sessions. It’s a great tool to engage with people face to face and can allow more steps once they have answered’.